Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trembley Weighing Bullpen Options

ARLINGTON -- The Orioles got rained out Wednesday and had to contemplate how to use their bullpen on Thursday, when they were locked in for a doubleheader against the Rangers. Baltimore manager Dave Trembley has said that he'd like to avoid using relievers in both halves of the doubleheader, but he admitted Thursday that he may not have a choice.

The bottom line, he said, is how those relievers feel about working in both games. And even after he figures that out, Trembley has to decide whether the increased fatigue and injury risk is worth the late relief advantage.

"I'd be open to let them give me their side of the equation," he said. "That doesn't mean I'd go along with it."

Baltimore's bullpen has averaged more than three innings per game during the season's first 10 days, but Trembley has managed to keep stress from getting to any of his individual relievers. Five of the eight relievers have made as many as three appearances, and only Jamie Walker and George Sherrill have pitched four times.

Sherrill, Baltimore's closer, worked three consecutive games last week and has expressed a desire to take the ball any time the Orioles have a save situation. Trembley said he'd like to avoid using his relief ace in both halves of the doubleheader, but he also said he'd have to see how the first game went before he made any decisions about the second.

"It depends on what he tells me he felt in between games," he said. "Common sense has to enter the picture."


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